W in tech: Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

" We´re having an information explosion and it's certainly obvious that information is of no use unless it´s available" Sister Mary Kenneth Keller Hi, The next woman in my serie W in tech is non other than Sister Mary kenneth Keller. Keller was born in Cleveland, Ohio 1913. She joined the Sisters of Charity of … Continue reading W in tech: Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

My first website

Hi, The other day I finished coding my first website. It´s not so pretty and it´s not so advanced but at least it´s a start and it´s my first atempt. It was fun to se it grow and develop, so this I want to learn more about. It´s only made by html and css. So … Continue reading My first website

W in tech: Grace Hopper

Hi, Next in line for my W in tech serie is an amazing american woman, She was an computer scientist and served in the navy. Her name is Grace Hopper. She was born in NY city. One of her biggest trait that she took from her childhood was that she was constantly curios about things … Continue reading W in tech: Grace Hopper