To learn or not to learn

Hi! Code and especially computer code is really fascinating and something I would really love to learn good. Recently  I started one of the two courses I have left before I graduate. It´s called interactive web applications.  Basically I´m going to learn how to build websites with both frontend and backend coding. This is something I … Continue reading To learn or not to learn

100 Goals and dreams

Hi! I started a list in the beginning of summer after I read a Instagram post that asked if we could write down a 100 goals and dreams. I decided to just do that and it have taking me the whole summer it´s actually harder than you think it is. Some of these things may … Continue reading 100 Goals and dreams

W in Tech: Ada Lovelace

Hi, Did you know that one of the first coders actually was a women?? That´s really cool. If I could pick her brain for her thoughts I would, but... Her name was Ada Lovelace, and believe me I know it sound like a bad porn name, but she was far from it. Her name was … Continue reading W in Tech: Ada Lovelace

Vacation Reads

Hi! I was one of those that read a lot, but the last couple of years I have not had a lot of time because I have been studying and working a lot. And I usually study through the whole summer because I´m behind cause I´m working at the same time and it´s hard to … Continue reading Vacation Reads

Planning the semester and weeks

Hi! Ok I have two semesters left before I´m done with my education at the Middle Sweden University. I´m studying informatics with system development and I love it. This is what I have left and how I plan to get it done before the first of July of 2019. I have two courses; interactive web … Continue reading Planning the semester and weeks


Hi! This is my first post on my new blog. I wanted to start of with a bang! So I thought I would start with an evaluation about the things in my life and how the look right about now. I thought this was a good thing to do, because I have so many things … Continue reading Evaluation