My name is S. Landén and I´m the one that is writing this blog. I didn’t have any interest in tech before 2014. It was for study, mail and lunarstorm (a pre-facebook site). But during 2014 I got the job as a IT-in-charge at a school outside Gothenburg (I´m forever grateful for the principal that gave me the chance and also the school that let me transform to the tech geekgirl I am today) and I got stuck on everything that had to do with tech and decided to start study something that really interest my, namely informatics with an alignment in system development. And that is four years later still one of the best decision I have ever done.

So what do I do when I´m not hanging around here and writing things. I work like any other person. I´m the system trustee for a digital school platform for a private company that includes a hundred and fifty schools in all over Sweden. The kids that are in these schools are between fifteen and nineteen years old. Ok, so what do a system trustee do except being responsible for the platform? I´m responsible for which people on the top-level that have access to the different schools, I´m in a couple projects to develop the system to fit our schools and I´m the emergency backup when the system don´t work for personal at the schools. This is a couple of the things I´m working on as a system trustee.