Goal Mapping


It´s hard to combine working and studying. And sometimes I´m really busy and have a hard time seeing the goal and sometimes even the end goal of things. So I need to visualize the goal and sometimes even put it down on paper just to have them in front off me. I put my goals with my studying on the goal map and put it per semester.

So I got inspired by one instagramer that I follow on Instagram. She did something she called for goal mapping, were she but down one to three big goals and then put down four subgoal that is going to help her reach the big goals. She also put down WHO is going to help her reach the goal, HOW is she going to reach her goal and WHY is she reaching for this goals. The goal map also always have a start and a end date. 

I put my own twist on it with a dairy post in when ever I do something that makes me one step closer to my goal. So I put down the date and then the things I have been doing to reach the goal that day. It´s make things more real and I can se my own progress. 

It´s a good tool to help me keep at track when I get tired off studying and is in a need of a break or when I feel discouraged and want to quit (believe me it happens from time to time). But the goal map helps me moving forward  and keeping up the pace

This is my goal map for this semester:



Down below you can find the template I use for creating the goal mapping I do every semester:


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