W in tech: Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

” We´re having an information explosion and it’s certainly obvious that information is of no use unless it´s available”

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller


The next woman in my serie W in tech is non other than Sister Mary kenneth Keller. Keller was born in Cleveland, Ohio 1913. She joined the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary only nineteen years old and took her vows a couple of years later.


But for us her technical career is more interesting. She was the first woman to get a Ph D in computer science in the United States. Which is a great accomplishment at the time and she has achieved one of my own goals in life. After her education she she started working at the National Science Foundation workshop in the computer science center at Dartmouth. She was the only woman in this institution.  Here she was part of the group that implemented the BASIC programming language. Keller was one of them that believed that computers could help make information more accessible to all and work as a tool in education. When Keller was finish with her Ph.D in 1965 she founded the computer science department at Clark College with she ran for about twenty years.

She was also a advocate for bigger involvement of women in the computing world. She was also during her whole career a big advocate for more computers involved in the education, which today is an essential tool in all education, so she reached her goal there.

And when it comes to her goal for more women in computer there has been more women in the field of tech but were ar still fewer than the men, but times are changing…

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