W in tech: Grace Hopper


Next in line for my W in tech serie is an amazing american woman, She was an computer scientist and served in the navy. Her name is Grace Hopper. She was born in NY city. One of her biggest trait that she took from her childhood was that she was constantly curios about things around her. In 1934 she got her Ph. D in mathematics from Yale Univergrace.hopper.jpg

in 1949 she became an employee of the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation were she was working with a team developing the UNIVAC 1. The UNIVAC 1 was the first known really big electronic computer. Hopper recommended a new programming language that included english words, but the only answer she got was that the computer didn’t understand english. first in 1952 she had her compiler as she called it finished. The compiler was supposed to translate math notation into machine code. she created this because it´s much easier to write a english statement than use symbols. During a conference were Hopper was a technical consultant, and during this conference they defined a new language COBOL which was a extension on her own earlier language.

Hopper retired in 1985 as a rear amiral of the Navy. Before that she had retired two times but was always called back to active duty, but this time was the final one. With that she became on of the few female amirals. After her retirement she lectured about the early days of computing, her career and how computer could make life easier for the users. She always wore her Navy full dress uniform to the lectures. She also received the nickname Grandma COBOL. On new years day of 1992 Hopper fell asleep to never wake again. She died of natural causes in her home in Arlington.

Every year is the Grace Hopper celebration of Women in Computing held. This is a convention for Women in the field of Computer science and technology. It was namned after Hopper to honor her in her work and influence in the field of computing and her push for more women in the tech field.

This old lady of the tech is another inspiration that just makes tech so interesting. The fact that she worked for more women in tech which makes me feel grateful that I´m in this line of work and I wish she could have seen how many women that actually have made an impact in the tech world and hold really good positions in it.  In the picture she remained me of my grandmother, but other than that they are miles apart. But like my grandmother she was a woman to remember and a really cool lady.


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