The second post in my cyber security serie is how you can be safe when your online, and it comes down to some smal steps that you can do by yourself. Read the tip below.

Because we get more and more digital. We’re at a bigger risk to get hacked or get exposed by another cyber attack. But there is a couple smal things that you can do to secure  your computer, your information and accounts.  These things are following;


Password change

Many companies have as a policy that you have to change your password every third month or so. This makes it harder for the hacker to get to your password.

Two factor authentication

This is also something that makes your information even more secure. This is your authentication in two steps. First you put in your password and then you usually get a code to your phone or email that you also are going to write in you login.

Hardware security

Make sure that your computers security is to update.  Both your antivirus and firewall. If you don´t have any security make sure that you get it, there is a lot of free online choices you can make.


Don’t give away your information for free which you do by sharing to much. For example don’t share your address on Instagram or facebook. Don’t geotag your pictures on social media because it makes it easier to get to you through unsafe WiFi.  They are not cryptic so that’s why it easier with WiFi that is missing password.


We have tons of apps available to us everywhere and we are getting fed with new every day and we have a tendency to download them we found fun, but we should be careful because you never know what kind of code that lies behind the app. So my advice is to download the one you know and the once that you really need.


Nowadays we get so much mail though the internet and many of these are advertisers and sometimes there is these really weird emails about competition or something similar about money the want you to take care of for them. Do not open them, just delete them and then delete them from your carabage can. The risk is if you open them then you get hacked.

So really just use your common sense and be careful. The more we put or life online the bigger risk we have to get hacked, but that doesn’t mean we actually will. So as I wrote earlier be careful and don’t leave to much information online. Have a great and safe online life everyone!



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