To learn or not to learn


Code and especially computer code is really fascinating and something I would really love to learn good. Recently  I started one of the two courses I have left before I graduate. It´s called interactive web applications.  Basically I´m going to learn how to build websites with both frontend and backend coding. This is something I haven´t done before so I´m both exited to learn something new and scared to fail.

Honestly to code scare the sh*t out of me cause it´s something I want to be good at and try so hard to make it work. I understand simple C# because it was the first language I got to learn and I found it really hard because for once I have never done anything with code before and for two I had a hard time see how the different parts fit together. The other day I was introduced to html and CSS and that was something I really liked during all the lectures on web coding. I like to se how the code I have done looks when it´s used and it´s hard to do that with C# and backend coding, so when I finally found something where I could look at the code I produced from how a user would see it I was really happy about it. So more frontend  coding for me people! I´m going to avoid backend coding as much as I can.

My first assignment in this course is to create a website with html and CSS with the help20180828_231329 of javascript and jquery. It sounds fun, but the only thing is that we can´t choose what the site is going to contain. I would probably chosen someting that I was interested in., because it ´s easier to write text in. I promise I´ll give you a look at the website when I´m done with it. So keep your fingers crossed that I´ll fix this and hopefully like a… not a pro but a promising beginner…

After a long search I found some good books that hopefully is going to help me with my coding during the course but also after the course is finished for more learning. If you guys have any good website or videoclips with html, CSS and javascript, please comment down below because I would really like to have a lot of research to fall back on during this course. I have some already in swedish but can take in information in english to. I love to learn new things and for the time frontend coding is a new thing for me! But hopefully this is something I can crow into!






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