100 Goals and dreams


I started a list in the beginning of summer after I read a Instagram post that asked if we could write down a 100 goals and dreams. I decided to just do that and it have taking me the whole summer it´s actually harder than you think it is. Some of these things may be hard to achieve but it´s dreams, they are not always suposed to be easy. But here comes my list in no special order:

  1. Get my PhD in informatics or systemdevelopment
  2. Get my masters in informatics
  3. Create a successful and inspiring blogg
  4. Work and live in USA
  5. Visit Silicon Valley
  6. Work for Google
  7. Become economic independent
  8. Earn a million swedish Krona
  9. Talk at TEDtalks
  10. Hiking the pilgrimtrail Santiago de Compostela
  11. Create a big and inspiring network
  12. Join Datatjejs yearly conference
  13. Eat lunch with Sheryl Sandberg
  14. Visit New York
  15. Get me a workcoach
  16. Own a Lous Vuitton scarf (I have seen a specific one)
  17. Run a marathon
  18. Run Göteborgsvarvet (a run on 21 km)
  19. Found a Partner that complete me well
  20. Create a library in my home
  21. Own an apartment with big windows where I can sit and read
  22. Get lenses
  23. Paid of all my loans
  24. Learn to take critic better
  25. Work on my self confidence
  26. Lecture for others
  27. Go to the airport and buy a ticket somewhere without having to think about money
  28. Drive route 66 in USA
  29. Start a Company
  30. Be successful
  31. Always learn new things
  32. Own an duplex
  33. Stop the war with my hair (It never does what I tell it to do)
  34. Have an apartment with a balcony
  35. Get the part as CIO in a Company
  36. Learn to code in javascript really good
  37. Learn Html and CSS really good
  38. Create an opportunity for children to learn to code
  39. Own a blue Minicooper
  40. Decorate my own home office
  41. Get a good training routine
  42. Fly first class
  43. Get a suit sewn
  44. Hiking the king trail in the north of Sweden
  45. Travel with the transiberian railway from Moscow to Beijing
  46. Own my own summer cabin
  47. Learn to cook thaifood the right way
  48. Do a one year master in project management
  49. Build my own house
  50. Buy an apartment offshore
  51. Cycling Gotland around
  52. Get a good structure on my weekday
  53.  Go through a Swedish classic, skiing, running, cycling and swimming
  54. Run a mile under an hour
  55. Go on a luxury trip in the caribbean
  56.  Renovate my bathroom in my current apartment
  57. Talk english as good as swedish
  58. Learn a new language
  59. Work as a volunteer in something tech
  60. Become my own boss
  61. Visit Iceland to hike an swim in the blue lagoon
  62. Se the sunset in all the five continents
  63. Read at least 30 books a year
  64. Climb Kebnekaise (Swedens highest mountain)
  65. Learn to walk good in high heels
  66. Have an walk-in-closet in my apartment
  67. Straighten out my allergies
  68. straighten out my asthma
  69. Get a good grip on my finances
  70. Live in a five star hotel
  71. Give more money to charity
  72. Work as a consult
  73. Get a degree in english
  74. Learn how to relax
  75. Walk the great wall of China
  76. Get a bigger apartment
  77. Stop biting my nails
  78. Get better sleep patterns
  79. Get a pet, a dog or a cat
  80. Fly an hot air balloon
  81. Dare to go on all the rides in the local amusement park, Liseberg.
  82. Get the part as COO in a Company.
  83. Finish my candidate
  84. Join one of pinkprogrammings code camp
  85. Visit all the capitals in Europe
  86. Have the opportunity to employ someone to clean my apartment once a week.
  87. Get a washing machine in my apartment
  88. Have a child
  89. Finish all my different lists I have.
  90. Get to be on the cover of a tech magazine.
  91. Never settle if I don´t feel satisfied
  92. Write a book about a topic I´m really passionate about
  93. Finish all my Super Nintendo games
  94. Never stop being active
  95. Finish decorating my apartment.
  96. Start to read the news
  97. To be on the worlds most powerful women list
  98. Always have a Good relationship  with my family
  99. I would love to be able to cook a really good pokébowl
  100. Be the best me I can be

It became a long list with a lot of different things. Some of them I´m probably are going to be able to do, but others I´m not so shore about. But nobody knows what the future will bring! If you made your own list, what would be on it?


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