W in Tech: Ada Lovelace


Did you know that one of the first coders actually was a women?? That´s really cool. If I could pick her brain for her thoughts I would, but… Her name was Ada Lovelace, and believe me I know it sound like a bad porn name, but she was far from it. Her name was actually Augusta Ada King, the lady of Lovelace. She was born in London 1815.ada.lovelace.jpg

She was an english mathmatician and writer, but is probably most known for her work with the mechanical computer, the analytic machine.

Ada showed talent for math and tech in young years and her mother feed the talent with education. This would come to dominate her whole grown-up life. Ada met Charles Babbage through a common friend, and together with him she have made her biggest impact on the tech world. One day not long after they met Babbage invited Ada to look at his prototyp of his difference engine. Babbage was impressed with Adas analytic ability and math brain. He gave her the name the enchantress of numbers. The prototyp develops into an actual machine.

Ada helped him and had the function as a sounding board in math theoretical questions. During a nine month period she spent time translating the paper written by an Italian mathematician, that was written about Babbages new machine. In this translate she also wrote detailed and meticulous notes in the text. Her notes include a very detailed method to calculate  a specific sequence of Bernoulli number with the help of the machine. This in many circuits counts as the first computer program, which makes Ada Lovelace the first programmer. But not all agree, they say she got a lot of help from Babbage so he should have gotten some of the credit. In her notes Ada tells us that she doesn’t care much for artificiell intelligence, AI, She wrote that the machine did not or should not have an ability to calculate by it self. It should only have the ability to do what  it is suppose to do.

The notes later published under the signature AAL. The machine is considered to be  an early version of the computer and Adas notes as the description of how a computer should be which makes it a computer program. Unfortunately she died before she could accomplish any more. she was only 36 years old. I would love to se what she could have done if she had lived longer. It´s really cool to know that the first programmer is a woman. yeah, so guys, it all started with a woman, not a man, a woman!

After her death the US defense department created a code language  with the name Ada and since the 1998 the British computer society given out a Lovelace medal in her honor. I totally sound like a fangirl, but hey!! I´m allowed


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