W in tech: Grace Hopper

Hi, Next in line for my W in tech serie is an amazing american woman, She was an computer scientist and served in the navy. Her name is Grace Hopper. She was born in NY city. One of her biggest trait that she took from her childhood was that she was constantly curios about things … Continue reading W in tech: Grace Hopper

Hacks through time

Hi, In honor of cyber security awareness month I would like to end my blog serie about cyber security with telling you about some of the biggest hacking attacks during the years of internet and even before. 1994 - Phonemasters even before the internet arrived the hackers were at it. They worked  out a technique so … Continue reading Hacks through time


Hi, The second post in my cyber security serie is how you can be safe when your online, and it comes down to some smal steps that you can do by yourself. Read the tip below. Because we get more and more digital. We’re at a bigger risk to get hacked or get exposed by … Continue reading #BeCyberSmart

Cyber Security

Hi, October is the month for National Cyber security Awareness so I thought I should write a couple of lines about it. Partly because it´s important to be aware about the risk when dealing with the digital world, there are so many bad things that can happen. And also partly to be safe with your personal information so … Continue reading Cyber Security

To learn or not to learn

Hi! Code and especially computer code is really fascinating and something I would really love to learn good. Recently  I started one of the two courses I have left before I graduate. It´s called interactive web applications.  Basically I´m going to learn how to build websites with both frontend and backend coding. This is something I … Continue reading To learn or not to learn

100 Goals and dreams

Hi! I started a list in the beginning of summer after I read a Instagram post that asked if we could write down a 100 goals and dreams. I decided to just do that and it have taking me the whole summer it´s actually harder than you think it is. Some of these things may … Continue reading 100 Goals and dreams

W in Tech: Ada Lovelace

Hi, Did you know that one of the first coders actually was a women?? That´s really cool. If I could pick her brain for her thoughts I would, but... Her name was Ada Lovelace, and believe me I know it sound like a bad porn name, but she was far from it. Her name was … Continue reading W in Tech: Ada Lovelace