Vacation Reads


I was one of those that read a lot, but the last couple of years I have not had a lot of time because I have been studying and working a lot. And I usually study through the whole summer because I´m behind cause I´m working at the same time and it´s hard to keep it all on time. BUT this summer I could relax cause I was actually finished with all my studies in time with I was really glad over that.

So I decided to read and be lazy this summer. I decided I had earned it. So I read through five books I´ve had at home waiting for me to have time. I was lucky this summer because I had great weather and could just hang on the beach and read, swim and just relax. Anyhow this was the vacation read of the summer:



Geek girl risingHeather Gabot, Samantha Walravens

This is a inspiring book about women how have been successful in the techbusniess and have started their own business outside of Silicon Valley. It´s get you thinking about what you self may be able to accomplish.

The goal Eliyahu M. Goldratt

This book is written as a novel but it´s really a business book. It´s about a plant that is threatened buy shutdown and and the manager needs to find a solution to fix this. It´s a book about not giving up when it seems that there is now way out. And sometimes talking to another person that is not involved get you to find the solutions. It´s a great book.

The dark netJamie Bartlett

Mr bartlett writes a book that gives you the opportunity to see another side of the internet. a side the many of us is not aquatinted with, I´m not. It´s a side where you can get in trouble and where you can find illegal things for the highest bidding.

The fourScott Galloway

This is about the four big techgiants in our life, google, amazon, apple and Facebook. It tells the story about how they became big and how they impact our life without we think about it. It´s a good book that gives a big insight in the world of the four and make us realize that the are a bigger part of our everyday life than we think. It´s scary really!

Humans are underratedGeoff Colvin

The computers evolve at an alarming speed and sooner then we know it will take other some of our work. Geoff talks about what´s gonna be the most valued asset we are gonna have is gonna be our social ones. We need to evolve this aspect of our self because how much more knowledge the computers are gonna have more than us, the can never gather as much social competence as we humans can. Are you ready?


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