Planning the semester and weeks


Ok I have two semesters left before I´m done with my education at the Middle Sweden University. I´m studying informatics with system development and I love it. This is what I have left and how I plan to get it done before the first of July of 2019. I have two courses; interactive web applications  and distributed system development. I can´t manage both of these courses at the same time so I have one now during autumn and one during spring. Beside these to courses I also have two papers to write. One smal one and the big one that all students in Sweden write. They do a study in their field and then write about it. Simple….. na not so, it takes up a lot of time. But I´m finally starting to se the finish lines now and it actually feels really good!!

Anyhow, I´m a known planner and organizer. Many of my friends laugh at how organized and planning oriented I actually are. It´s scary sometimes cause I know I should learn to be more spontaneous, but I don´t know how to be it. I´m a little more spontaneous when it comes to my travels ( at least I think so, but what I see as spontaneous is not what others see as spontaneous) but not when it comes to work and study and my day-to-day life. It would not work for me otherwise. I love planning because it makes my life go forward and I remember to actually do things.


So this is my planning ritual. I usually plan my life in semesters because my worklife is in semesters because I follow the Swedish school year and we have a long break during summer and one during winter. So I  usually do a list on what I want to accomplish during the semester and this autumn is to finish one course and one paper. Also redecorating my home office so I actually start to use it instead of just dumping things on it. Then every Sunday I sit and plan the week ahead in an week planning document (like the one you se in the picture). And l plan everything down to watering my plants and cleaning. It´s weird but I don´t remember it if I don´t put it in the planning. Sometimes specially during the weekends I even plan day by day, cause I have so much to do.

And I love to make lists, but I love them even more when I get to cross a thing of on them.   I feel really accomplished and feel like I actually have done somethings. My big problem with my list is that I usually can´t go to bed before I have done all the things on them.

I´m weird believe me I know, but it works for me!




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