This is my first post on my new blog. I wanted to start of with a bang! So I thought I would start with an evaluation about the things in my life and how the look right about now. I thought this was a good thing to do, because I have so many things that is going on in my life (I´ll tell you about it another day) and thought to get some reflection over it I would evaluate it and get some insight on what´s going on and what it makes me neglect in my life. I found this circle with eight parts of life that I would evaluate. I thought that it would be a good idea, part because my vacation is finished and it´s a new start of the working year for me and part because I thought it was a good idea to se how things looks.

So I decided to do the first evaluation on the first of september because it felt like a good time because it`s the start of the schoolyear. And then I decided that to do it every sixth month, so every first of september and every first of march. So this is septembers evaluation (I thought I do mine first and then explain how it works if you yourself want to try it)! I do the circle and then I do a small summary on my results.


This is how my circle looks at the first of september. It looks Ok I think. I have a really low score on relationship and that´s because I´m single and I see that the relationship part as my love life and in this moment it´s unexisted. My social life is good right now because I have been spending a lot of time with my friends. I feel blessed. Attitude I take it is my emotional life and just now I feel good, I´m in a good place. I´ve had a great vacation that have rested my brain. I feel great and ready to start working and study again. My career I can´t complain about, because I just started a new assignment and everything, but a raise with it would been nice. My finances yes… they are what they are, not bad but I´m not a millionaire. I manage. Personal growth I do every day, but as you can se in my instagram I´ve started to read more educational books instead of just novels. I´ve been lazy during my vacation, which means I´ve been eating what I want and haven’t trained anything, but hopefully it gets better now when I get back to routine and it´ll get better. Finally family, all is well and I get to se them soon!

This is my circle and my short summary of my evaluation. It just some short sentences about each part that I´ve evaluated. So now it´s your turn, are you ready to do your own?




Down below you can find a template on the Evaluation circle I´ve done in this post Template.Evaluation

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